84% of expatriates in Qatar are satisfied with their choice

84% of expatriates in Qatar are satisfied with their choice

In the 2013 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Qatar was ranked third (after Switzerland and China) by expats worldwide regarding improvement in their financial status and quality of life. Furthermore, 84% of expats in Qatar said they were satisfied with the state of the local economy, compared to a worldwide average of 56%.

Almost 59% of expats in Qatar felt that their standard of living had improved since their arrival, and 73% of them had noticed an improvement in their financial status, with an annual income at more than $200,000 (twice the worldwide average). 31% of respondents had purchased a second home in Qatar, while 68% of young expats had been allocated a housing allowance from their employer.

Acquiring professional experience in one of the Gulf countries is particularly appealing to French workers, especially young graduates. They see this as an opportunity to contribute to the economic success of the region, which they believe will concentrate the lion's share of global investments in the years ahead.

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